About The Makeup Artist

Little girls often go into their mother’s closet to try on their shoes, clothes, and makeup – so desperately trying to look “grownup”. I, Maryam Bokhari, was one such girl. I was always going through my mother’s makeup drawer and experimenting with different eye shadows and lipstick shades. I did not realize at the time that this would become a lifelong passion. Colors have always fascinated me. The way one can combine different shades to create new colors is captivating. Whether you combine single or multiple shades to match or compliment, it ultimately reflects a color’s true beauty. Colors colors colors!

Originally I was pursuing an education in business but soon realized that sitting in an office just did not appeal to me. I knew a career in beauty was my true calling. It was then that I began researching different cosmetology schools and decided on Pivot Point International Academy, a world-renowned cosmetology school. It has schools all over the world and is one of the top beauty schools in the United States. After much hard work and dedication, I received my cosmetology license. I briefly worked at Aveda Salon but decided to pursue my dreams as a makeup artist. I wanted to focus on South Asian bridal makeup, and in order to do that, I had to go right to the source. So I flew directly to Pakistan and got my certification from a well-known salon and school.

Makeup has always inspired me. I believe it has the power to take a person into another world. Makeup is a tool which allows the artist to create on many different canvases, each time creating a new masterpiece. Unique faces have their own unique beauty, and beauty is my inspiration.